Rebirth of a City - Downtown Connellsville
Eminent Domain Code:  Definition of “Blight”
-Public nuisance at common law or has been declared a public nuisance
-Attractive nuisance to children:
-Dilapidated, unsafe or unsanitary structure lacking in facilities or equipment designated as unfit for human habitation
-Fire hazard or otherwise dangerous to the safety of persons
-Utilities and facilities disconnected so property is unfit for intended use
-Unoccupied and tax delinquent for 2 years
-Vacant and trashed or haven for rodents/other vermin
-Property with defective or unusual conditions of title making property unmarketable
-Property with environmentally hazardous conditions that threaten health and safety
-Vacant but not tax delinquent and not rehabilitated within one year
-Vacant and municipal lines greater than 150% of the property FMR
-Vacant and municipal lien for cost of demolition remain unpaid for period of six months
-Declared abandoned by owner or estate