Rebirth of a City - Downtown Connellsville
Facade & Signage Programs

2017 Facade & Signage Program is available for business who want to get new awnings, do facade improvement projects or create new signage.  Downtown Connellsville will match up to $500.00 for new signage or up to $1000.00 for facade improvement projects. Applications must be received by Downtown Connellsville before work is started to qualify for the matching funds.  If you are located in the designated
 "Downtown Connellsville" area and would like more information please email us at

Any individual or business that receives money from Downtown Connellsville is required by law to fill out the below W-9  Form and send it to us.

Facade & Signage Application

Applications can be dropped off to the below address or mailed to: 

Downtown Connellsville
C/O Fayette County Cultural Trust
139 West Crawford Avenue
Connellsville, Pennsylvania 15425

The sign must conform to the city of Connellsville Signage Ordinance which is below.

Some examples of signage and facade improvements over the years...

Community Spirit is alive and well in Connellsville!