Rebirth of a City - Downtown Connellsville
Multi Municipal Comprehensive Plan for the City Of Connellsville, Connellsville Township & South Connellsville
Chapter 1   Overview
Chapter 2   Demographic & Social- Economic Profile
Chapter 3   Vision for the Connellsville Region
Chapter 4   Economic assessment & Development
Chapter 5   Housing Profile Plan
Chapter 6   Historic & Cultural Resources Plan
Chapter 7   Natural Resources Plan
Chapter 8   Community Facilities Plan
Chapter 9   Transportation Plan
Chapter 10  Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan
Chapter 11  Energy Conservation Plan
Chapter 12  Land Use Plan
Chapter 13  Implementation Plan
Appendix A  Planning Area Project Facilities Inventory & Analysis
Appendix B  Connellsville School District- Project Facilities Inventory
                 & Analysis
Appendix C  Sample Maintenance Plan
Appendix D  Urban sustainability Guidelines
Appendix E  Recommended Suitable Street Trees
Appendix F  Schematic Design For Connellsville Civic Plaza
Appendix G  Quick Test Calculation
Appendix H  Connellsville Main Street Building & Design Guidelines