Rebirth of a City - Downtown Connellsville
Chaired by Bryan Kisiel
Building consensus and cooperation among the groups that play a role in downtown and providing the necessary resources.
Volunteer Development
2018 - 2021 Work Plan Overall Objective for Organization

Committee:  To establish a strong Downtown Connellsville organization that involves a growing number of participants in the cooperative implementation and funding of Downtown Connellsville’s revitalization efforts. 
Objective 1:  Continually develop ways to publicize, promote and educate the public about Downtown Connellsville and increase visibility of the initiative.
a. Continue to make public presentation to area organizations such as Rotary, Lions, Business and Professional Women, Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce.
b.  Continue to frequently update the Downtown Connellsville web site and analyze page reports to find out where the most traffic occurs.
c.  Continue to maintain an interactive and vibrant Facebook presence.
d.  Brand the Connellsville Canteen as an enterprise of Downtown Connellsville.
Objective 2:  Develop a fundraising program that utilizes a wide range of sources including public and private sectors to ensure long term continuation of the program.
a.  Work to secure funding from the City of Connellsville.
b.  Continue efforts to maximize the impact of the Downtown Connellsville initiative, making a special effort to encourage new participants.
c. Continue to expand efforts to recruit individuals as donors.
d. Continue grant researching and writing efforts to identify appropriate funding sources for program activities and projects.
e.  Conduct one special event to generate funding for the organization.
Objective 3:  Develop a strong volunteer base and provide training and recognition of volunteers.
a.  Continue efforts to involve youth in volunteer activities by reaching out to groups such as:  National Honor Society, Junior Achievement, ROTC Jr.
b.  Hold training sessions for new board members and committee members.
c.  Address governance issues including the need for a new Personnel Policy for the organization.
Objective 4:  Foster a shared vision for the long-term development of downtown.
a.  Ensure a Downtown Connellsville presence at relevant City Council meeting and Planning Commission discussions.
b.  Maintain regular communication with downtown property and business owners.
c. Work with the City of Connellsville to contribute to the development of downtown.
d. Hold two mixers annually.
e. Oversee implementation of goals and action steps from committee plans.