Rebirth of a City - Downtown Connellsville
Chaired by Pat Stefano and Fr. Bob Lubic
Marketing the unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists, youth and others.
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Special Events
Retail Promotions
2018 - 2021 Promotion Committee Work Plan
Overall Objective for Design Committee:
To promote Downtown Connellsville as a destination for shopping, dining, arts & culture.
Objective 1:  Raise awareness of Downtown Events and Businesses
a. Maintain an online directory that lists downtown businesses, historic buildings and the full calendar of events.
b. Evaluate individual events to identify opportunities for increased promotion (through radio, TV and newspaper) and attendance.
c. Work with area colleges to familiarize college students(as well as their families) with downtown businesses and events.
d. Evaluate possibilities for outreach to summer camps.
Objective 2:  Market Downtown to visitors
a. Launch a Downtown Connellsville Business Brand using the new logo to create customized posters.
b. Develop creative ways to promote Downtown Connellsville
c. Explore potential partnerships with Penn State Fayette, etc. to promote Downtown Connellsville to Special Programs visitors.
Objective 3:  Develop a well-coordinated program of retail activities in Downtown
a. Coordinate It’s a Connellsville Christmas with other activities that will encourage local holiday shopping.
b. Develop a cooperative advertising package to encourage shopping in Downtown Connellsville during the holidays.
c. Conduct a retail promotion for the first quarter(January-March)—Cabin Fever day with special services and activities at participating retailers.
Objective 4:  Develop a well-coordinated program of special events to present Downtown as a place to have a good time and enjoy arts &cultural opportunities.
a. Mum Festival, September
b. It’s a Connellsville Christmas, December
c. Work with the Connellsville Canteen to develop programming opportunities that will attract people and highlight the Canteen as a downtown resource.
d. Incorporate activities into existing events (Geranium Festival, Art on the Yough, Zombie Run, etc.) that specifically attempt to attract young people to Downtown.