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"What in the World" 

4 Prizes will be awarded to those who can guss correctly what all the items are in the list of addresses.  If more than 4 people guess correctly all the items, the names will be put in a hat and 4 entries will be pulled from that hat.

Prizes are:

-John Woodruff Connellsville Historical Society Christmas Ornament

-One year free membership to the Connellsville Historical Society

-Historic 1872 map of Connellsville/New Haven (Reproduction)

-One year subscription to the Connellsville Crossroads Magazine

On a piece of paper please write your name, address, phone number, item number (Stop Number) and your guess of what each item is.  Please drop off your entry to the Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce located at 100 South Arch Street, Connellsville.  (Mail Slot if they are closed).

Winners will be notified NLT 20 August.

Good Luck!

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